Leslie Hofheins Strongwoman

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Athletic Accomplishments:

  • Invitation to the Strongest Woman In the World at the Strongman Games December 2017
  • September 2017 1st place Worlds Strongest Woman (LW) at the Olympia.  1st Place Americas Strongest Woman (LW).  Qualified for the Arnold Pro Strongman 2018.
  • March 2017 1st ever Pro Arnold World Championship Strongwomen -no weight class competing with heavyweights.  9th place overall.
  • September 2016 1st Place At the Mr. Olympia deadlift championships.  474 pounds at 145 bodyweight.  2nd place all time for 148 pound open class deadlift.
  • August 2016 1st place Worlds Strongest Woman Lightweight Pro division
  • April 2016 Fitcon Utah Strongman 1st place womens open division
  • April 2016 FItcon Day of the Dead 1st place female deadlifter
  • April 2016 Fitcon USPA raw 1st place and overall best lifter
  • April 2016 Named to first every Pro Strongwoman  division with Strongman Corporation
  • March 2016 2nd place by .02 Arnold Strongwoman Amateur Lightweight world championship
  • October 2015 North American Strongman Lightweight National winner and Lightweight Best Lifter Overall 2 divisions
  • August 2015 Northern Nevada Strongest Lightweight 1st place and National Qualifier (1 year after torn bicep tendon surgery)
  • March 2015 9th place in amateur strongwoman at the Arnold World Championship Middleweight division
  • October 2014 USPA Olympia 2nd place Raw deadlift 455 pounds at 165 bodyweight
  • July 2014 USPA Deadlift invite to the Mr. Olympia championship
  • July 2014 Wasatch Front Strongwoman champion and Arnold Qualifier
  • August 2013 Northern Nevada Strongest Middleweight 1st place and National Qualifier (tore my bicep tendon at this comp on the first event and still won but had to forfeit nationals for surgery)
  • June 2012 Wasatch Front Strongman Open Women's 1st Place and National Qualifier
  • 2008 Top 10 female deadlifters in the world at 148 weight class
  • 2008 WABDL Best Lifter
  • 2008 WABDL National Record and World record 148 weight class
  • 2007 AAU Raw Powerlifting 4 World Records
  • 2006 AAU Raw American Records (5 american records in powerlifting)
  • 2006 AAPF Raw National Deadlift Record
  • 1990 BYU Mens Water Polo Team - yes I said Mens team because there was no women's team!
  • 1990-1991 BYU Women's Swimming WAC Champions
  • 1989 All American in Water polo 
  • 1989 Utah State Water Polo Cyprus High state champs and MVP
  • 1986 Utah State Champion 100 yard breaststroke Cyprus High swim team

Hometown: West Valley City, Utah

Instagram: @lesliehofheins1100