Lance Keys Powerlifter

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • 1st Place 275 lbs division and Best Raw Lifter at 2016 Ventura Summer Bash USPA Powerlfting Competition
  • 4th Place 275 lbs division 2016 USPA Nationals Powerlifting Compeition
  • 3rd Place Heavy Weight Jon Lindsay's Muscle Contest 2017 NPC Southern California Championships

Hometown: Torrance, California

Favorite Hand Armor Product: Hand Armor Nano Salve

Lance says this about Hand Armor Nano Salve: "There's no other product like it on the market. It's really works. A small amount is effective in soothing the hands and getting them lubricated and smooth so they don't crack, but still keeps them tough. The stuff is money."


Hand Armor™ Nano Silver Hand Repair Salve

Hand Armor™ Nano silver Hand Repair Salve is the ultimate in hand repair and protection. Ultra-soothing advanced repair and recovery formula that combines the finest ingredients available, with the latest in cutting-edge silver nanotechnology. Specifically formulated to hydrate and renew skin tissue, promote healing, and fight pathogens.

  • Hydrates-Nano silver has been proven to be extremely effective in hydrating the skin post workout.
  • Repairs- Nano silver is extremely effective for skin repair. Often used in hospitals to treat burn victims. Nano-silver also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Protects- Nano-silver is an anti-microbial.


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