Kelly Lovan  IFPA/NPC Powerlifter

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • IFPA Pro Figure
  • NPC Nationally Qualified Physique Competitor
  • USPA Elite Powerlifter
  • USPA Iowa Record Holder in Raw and Classic Raw 132 weight class
  • USPA Certified Strength Coach, State Referee, and State Records Chair

Hometown:  Des Moines, Iowa

Favorite Hand Armor product: Hand Armor Liquid Chalk

Kelly says this about Hand Armor Liquid Chalk:  I like that the liquid chalk doesn't leave dust particles in the air like chalk powder tends to do. Inhaling powder really aggravates my sinuses and allergies, and now that I don't have any tonsils, it goes directly to my throat and makes me cough a lot if I don't turn away. When I judge at powerlifting meets, or lift with people who use tons of chalk powder, I try to leave the gym area, or change my position near the platform to avoid inhaling too much of it. It stays in the air and is quite thick. Aside from that, I used to have an auto-immune disease, which made me very sick if I came into contact with bacteria, or people who were sick. Gyms and gym equipment can be a place where a lot of bacteria can be passed from one person to the next if people don't wash their hands, or wipe down equipment. So, I appreciate the anti-bacterial component of the liquid chalk as well. 

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to wind, and expect to win.
— Zig Zigler