Jon Marshall Powerlifter

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • 25 Time National Powerlifting Champion (ADFPA, NASA, USPA Federations).
  • 5 Time World Cup Champion ( NASA and IPL ) 
  • He has held over 150 National records over his outstanding career. 
  • Jon has been the Powerlifter of the Year 5 times (Natural Athletes Strength Association). 
  • He is ranked in the #3 in Squat, #5 in Bench, #4 in Deadlift and  #2 in Total on Powerlifting Watch in the Masters 220lb Class (In the Nation for all Federations).
  • He is ranked Top 20 in squat, Bench and Dead and Top 15 total in the nation, in the Open 220 Class, on Powerlifting Watch.

Jon is also the Co-owner of

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

Favorite Hand Armor product: Hand Armor Liquid Chalk

Jon Says this about why he likes Hand Armor Liquid Chalk:  "It lasts longer then regular chalk, and it gives a better grip!!!  Awesome Product!!"



Hand Armor™ Combo Pack


Hand Armor Liquid Chalk is a liquid based, High-Performance Sports Chalk, that dries on your hands within seconds. The Combo Pack comes with the super convenient 2 oz Bottle and carabiner that you can clip to your gym bag,  and take with you to the gym. When the 2 oz gets low, you simply refill using the 8 oz bottle. Great value!

  • Hand Purifier
  • Patent-Pending formula
  • Lasts longer than regular chalk
  • No mess
  • Better grip
  • No Chalk Dust- chalk dust is harmful to the lungs
  • Prevents blisters
  • Used by collegiate and professional athletes
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