James Strickland Powerlifter

AthleteFeaturePhotoJames Strickland.png

Athletic Accomplishments:
Powerlifting Titles

  • 2015 IPL World Champion
  • 2015 WPC World Champion
  • 2015 APF National Champion
  • 2015/ 2016 Hardcore Powerlifting Champion
  • #1 Ranked 275 Bench presser in the World
  • #1 Ranked 308 Bench presser in the World


  • 6 American
  • 1 World Record


  • 6 Texas State Records
  • 5 American Records
  • 6 World Records

Strickland is a well rounded athlete. He started swimming at age 14. After 15 years of swimming, and earning numerous national and state titles as a competitive swimmer, he tried out as a free agent with the NFL Scouting combine in 2010. He earned the top spot as a Defensive Tackle, making him very accessible to NFL teams as a potential free agent pick. Unfortunately with no game film, or college football experience, it didn't work out.  It was suggested that he try a powerlifting meet, and competed  in his first meet December 2014. The rest is history. He currently holds multiple Texas State, American & World Record titles. These include three WPC Submaster & Open Bench Press World Records, several National and World Gold medals in multiple powerlifting federations (Hardcore, WPC/APF as well as the highly regarded IPL/ USPA) federation. 

His specialty is Bench Press. His best RAW press is 634 @ 268 lbs, he has International Elite Full Meet Totals in several federations. He is currently ranked #1 among ALL 275 and 308 lb weight class Bench Pressers in the world.

 He is a strong believer in hard work and dedication as well as upholding steadfast integrity in all areas of life. First and foremost, he is a family man, with a wife of 14 years and three beautiful children (11y/8y/2y) that push and support him everyday.

His short term goals (by 7/2017) is to break the ALL-Time World Record bench press in the 275 weight class, which is 675 lbs. His long term goals (5 year plan) are to become the greatest bench presser pound for pound in the World and set the All-Time bench press record currently 738.5 lbs. Also obtaining a 2000 lb total as a three lift powerlifter with a 700+ lb Squat and Deadlift as well as a 700 lb bench press during a FULL meet.

It is better to live for one day as a lion than for 1000 years as a sheep