Bonnie Schroeder - Powerlifter

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Bonnie Schroeder is a top 20 nationally ranked USAPL certified coach and athlete out of Davenport Iowa. She currently holds USAPL Iowa state raw records in bench press, deadlift, push/pull and raw total in the 57kg division. Bonnie also currently has the highest Wilks score in bench, deadlift, push/pull and raw total out of all women's open weight classes in the state of Iowa in the USAPL. Her best lifts include a 127.5kg squat, 82.7kg bench, and a 167.5kg deadlift (3.1kg over 3x her bodyweight). She trains and coaches out of Summit Training Center in Bettendorf Iowa where she is passionate about working with competitive powerlifters as well as those interested in strength and conditioning.