Anna Davey Climber

Athletic Accomplishments:


  • 2018 Western Australia Lead Champion
  • Selected for Australian Open Development Squad


  • 2017 Western Australia Bouldering Champion
  • Boulderfest 2017 Open Championships 3rd place
  • 7th Australian Lead Championship, NSW
  • 13th IFSC International, Promo Event, Gravical, Singapore
  • 5th ranking overall in Australia 


  • 3rd Vic state Titles, Victoria, 2016
  • 6th NSW State Titles, NSW, 2016
  • Semifinalist Australian Bouldering Nationals, 2016, Brisbane
  • 2nd SA State Titles, SA, 2016
  • 1st at Punks in the Gym Boulder Hub bouldering event WA
  • 1st at Kinetic Boulder Hub bouldering event, WA, July 2016
  • 1st at Momentum Boulder Hub bouldering event, WA, June 2016 
  • 3rd- Friction Boulder Hub bouldering event, WA, February 2015, WA


  • 1st Boulder Hub bouldering competition November 2015 WA
  • 1st Boulder Hub Pumpfest 2015 WA
  • 2nd Hangout Bouldering Competition 2015 WA 
  • 3rd City Summit Bouldering competition 2015 WA
  • 13th at Gravical Bouldering Competition, Singapore 2015, IFSC International promo event
  • 3rd Boulder Hub Catalyst 2015 WA 
  • 2nd Adelaide Bouldering State Titles 2015 SA
  • 5th Novice Fitness Model INBA WA 2015
  • Semi finalist at Australian Oceania National Bouldering Titles 2015

Anna's goal is to represent Australia in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Hometown: Perth, Australia
Favorite Product: Hand Armor Chalk Powder

Anna says this about Hand Armor Chalk powder: "It's super light and smooth!! It gives you great hand coverage to keep those hands dry for a few boulders at a time :)" 

Photo credit: Alexus Goh

The most successful climber in the competition is the one having the most fun :)
Life is not about how many breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away.